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Earth Improving Enhancing Compounds

Earth Improving Enhancing Compounds
Product name : Earth Improving Enhancing Compounds
Item : HC-012
Details :
Compound have passed the test by Wuhan High Voltage Research Institute, the most authoritative test lab in China.  Please see another attached document which test report in Chinese Only.It was used as an earth-electrode backfill to reduce soil resistivity by retaining moisture.  The clay consists largely of Ca-Bentonite, It has the ability to hold its moisture content for a considerable period of time and to absorb moisture from the surrounding soil (e.g. from rainfall). This product have high anti-erode that can be protect the earth-electrode( copper boned steel earth rod, chemical earth rods , earth conductors etc) and extend its using Life more much. And Surrounding soil have no pollution in deed.

We supplied 25kgs per bag with waterproof and moisture-proof packing.

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