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Chemical Earth Rods

Chemical Earth Rods
Product name : Chemical Earth Rods
Item : HC-006
Details :
chemical earth rods provide a low impedance earth to effectively dissipate lightning and electrical fault currents. The chemical earth rod is ideal for installation in locations where space restrictions exitst.

1,The device can release conduct electricity ion to circumambient soil from inside medium slowly, reducing resistance of circumambient soil. The grounding resistance almost not changes with seasons. It is high stability and no need for routine maintenance.

2,The electrode is made of alloy material of high corrosion resistance. It can be used for 30years at least.

3,The backfill adopts physical chemical substances with strong abilities of water absorption, adsorbability, and ion exchange. The electrode can tightly bond with circumambient soil in high efficiency, expand conducting electricity and the flush flow area.

4,The electrode uses material of low magnetic conductivity, so it has strong ability to the direct lightning induction impulse and lightning secondary effect.

5,It has good grounding effect, need space small, little working, saved material a lot and maintenance easier. So,it mainly used in areas which high soil resistivity or cities with buildings densely.

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